Eldar Titans: building & painting

I really needed some mighty opponent to my Knights and Warhound Titan. I wasn’t long to decide: it would be two wraith knight and one Eldar Revenant Titan. Actually these eldar knights and titan are even better than the imperial ones. They are fast, almost indestructible (high toughness, holofield) and I’m not even talking about their D-weapons. Anyway, whatever their rules, they look cool and that’s more than enough to make me want them 😉

2014-12-26 19.13.28 2014-12-26 19.13.49

2015-01-24 18.18.25
I started by applying a coat of Vallejo white primer then a coat of AK interactive dark yellow primer.
2015-01-30 23.12.25
I airbrushed some vallejo brown wash for the shading then some Vallejo white primer for the highlighting.
2015-07-19 08.36.33
Weathering was made with AK-interactive DAK wash, Dark streaking effect and rust streaks.



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