Review: Neveu Loic Normandy buildings

I have been enjoying Flames of war as a secondary wargame for the last 5 years or so. This game is great and I really like the change of scale from 28mm down to 15mm. Because of this change, it feels like you are commanding a larger force and your units are moving a lot faster. One of the main showstoppers for players used to 28mm, is the requirement for specific sceneries, especially in term of building as the natural ones (hills, trees, etc) are less problematic in term of scale. A normal hill in a 28mm game will be a big hill in a 15mm game but still it won’t feel out of scale. This however doesn’t apply to buildings. You cannot just put a 28mm house in a 15mm terrain, without everything from doors to windows, even bricks, being out of scale. Hopefully, some great scenery manufacturers exist for this scale. One of my favorite is Neveu Loic, a french sculptor proposing a wide range of highly detailed resin buildings for 15 and 20mm wargames. Here are pictures of some of his buildings from his Normandy farm and Normandy village.

You can remove the roofs to access to the interior of the buildings.


The Forged In Battle jeep on the right gives you an idea of the scale of the building.



The buildings combine very well with Neveu Loic own set of walls.


P1140777 P1140778
Just looking through these picture makes me want to play a Flames of War game in the bocages.

What do you think?



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