40k TAG team tournament

Last weekend, I attended a Warhammer 40000 tournament with my friend Rémi (Salaise Figurine Studio). It was a team tournament, each teammate with 1000 pts and no ally. This tournament was clearly Hobby orientated with approximately 60% of the points attributed to the hobby part (level of painting, comp, list originality, fairplay, etc) and 40% only attributed to the results of the games themselves. My teammate and I both agreed to play according to the ForgeWorld 30k Legion Space Marines army list. He played his Sons of Horus army and I played my Space Wolves (even if FW has not published yet their special 30k rules and character). I know, this alliance was not very fluffy and all but it’s not like if this was some sort of historic wargame (or is it?). Anyway, we had a great time there. It was very well organized by my friend Kaerbanog from the Nice Wargame Association in Mouans Sartoux (South of France). I can’t thank him enough for the great time I had there. Enough talk, here are the pictures.

2015-09-05 09.32.20
Our deployment for the first game against another 30k alliance between some Dark (red) Mechanicum and Night Lords.
2015-09-05 09.32.24
Our first game was on a nice forest table.
2015-09-05 09.32.30
A squad of our Night lords opponent is hidding in the woods.
2015-09-05 10.10.25
Seeing the Night Lords contemptor, my own wolfen contemptor is rushing to engage him.
2015-09-05 10.10.37
The Night Lords attack my space wolf centurion. What a mistake for them.
2015-09-05 10.10.53
Three Thallax deep strike close to one of my rhino and predator.
2015-09-05 10.25.33
The night lords succed in wounding my centurion before he exterminates them.
2015-09-05 10.45.22
Disembarking from my rhino, my wolves saturate the thallax until only one remains.
2015-09-05 10.45.27
In the same time, my wolfen contemptor fire once with its Kheres assault cannon and succeed in destroying the other contemptor.
2015-09-05 10.45.50
In the mist of battle.
2015-09-05 10.59.39
Final assault from the Night lords raptors and another Thallax unit. Unfortunately for them, this was not enough to prevent us from winning this first battle.
2015-09-05 14.28.32
Second deployment of our combined SoH-SW force was in a ruined imperial city against some Necrons and Astra Militarum.
2015-09-05 14.28.38
Not many pictures for this battle, but we ended up winning once more.
2015-09-05 17.06.21
Second day of this tournament and third game against some Drop Pod Black templar army and Ravenwing.
2015-09-05 17.06.34
The battle front is impressive, problem is: we don’t know where the ennemies will be coming from.
2015-09-05 17.11.18
The ravenwing was composed of land speeder and moto only, a highly mobile and tough army thanks to its 2+ jink save.
2015-09-05 17.11.25
First time, I saw a land speeder with a front armor of 14 (and a 2+ jink save if not enough).
2015-09-05 17.11.30
One of the ravenwing bike unit.
2015-09-05 17.22.01
My teammate had the great idea to use his Orbital Bombardment to try killing a few bikes. After hitting 4 bikes, he threw four 1 on a 2+… That was not a great start for this game.
2015-09-05 17.53.35
My mighty wolfen contemptor succeeded in assaulting and destroying one of the land speeder.
2015-09-05 17.53.44
Afraid of my vindicator, the Ravenwing assault bikes try to bring it down. And they succeeded as with the remaining of our armies. This was our first defeat.
2015-09-06 09.40.47
Our fourth battle occurred in the jungle against two necrons armies.
2015-09-06 09.41.47
The plasma team of my teammate is hiding in the jungle close to one of the objective.
2015-09-06 09.41.26
The predator is concealed, ready to fire.
2015-09-06 09.41.35
The tactic squad and my wolfen contemptor are ready to rush into the jungle in front of them.
2015-09-06 09.41.58
The rapier is taking advantage of the tower.
2015-09-06 10.24.22
Because He knows No Fear (or at least he will in the future), my centurion is assaulting the necron jetbikes.
2015-09-06 10.24.29
The siccaran line of sight was always full of targets.
2015-09-06 11.18.56
Last stand against the ultimate HQ Necrons squad composed of 9 characters!
2015-09-06 11.19.05
After killing the two last spectre, the SoH contemptor successfully secured one of the objective. Unfortunately it was not enough and we ended up losing a second time.
2015-09-06 14.21.35
Fifth and last battle in the forest against some chaotic Word Bearers and Alpha Legion.
2015-09-06 14.21.41
Very tight deployment in triangle according to the scenario.
2015-09-06 14.21.48
The objective of this last game was to cross the middle line of the table to score some points.
2015-09-06 14.27.53
The word bearers (in red) were painted by one of my friend especially for attending this tournament. Starting from scratch, he took him less than 2 weeks to have his 1000 pts painted, very impressive!
2015-09-06 14.27.57
I really like the cultists running around the chaotic dreadnought.
2015-09-06 14.28.00
While he used a lot of speed painting technique, I really like the end result. The white scripture are so characteristic of Words Bearers, it’s enough to give a lot of character to the army.
2015-09-06 15.09.36
My centurion is assaulting some cultists.
2015-09-06 16.14.36
Final assault of my space wolves. Once more, it was not enough and we lost this fifth game.
2015-09-06 16.45.25-1
Here are the trophies for the tournament: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and Paint Prize (two of each as it was a team event). Fun fact: the organizer had a problem with the original trophies and I had to improvise 3 days before the tournament to make some new ones but I pretty happy of the result.
2015-09-06 16.52.22
The trophies and the gifts for the winners.
2015-09-06 16.54.41
My friend Killboum (Words Bearers) from the Nice Wargame Association and his teammate (not on the picture) won the first place.
2015-09-06 16.55.31
Surprisingly, after losing 3 games but thanks to our Hobby points, my teammate and I won the second place.
2015-09-06 16.56.24
The third place was for Freepolo (Black Templar) and Frere_Kris (Ravenwing).
2015-09-06 16.59.15
We also won the Paint Prize (hence explaining our surprising second place).

Again, I had a very good time with great players and friends (even if we faced some very tough lists and the level of painting could have been higher). Thanks again to the organizer, to the NWA and to the CMMF for sharing with us the room for the event. I’ll be back next year, that’s for sure!



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