Gallery: Cerastus Knight Lancer

I spent a lot of time last year working on my Blood Pact army and I started to feel a little bit nostalgic about my good old loyalist Astra Militarum army: the Afrikadia Korps. I don’t remember if I have already presented this army on the blog but the basic concept is the look of Rommel’s Afrika Korps (ww2) adapted to the 40th millenium (so yes with lasgun^^). I don’t really want to show you any picture of this army at this point because I’m not really proud of the paint job (it was my beginning with vehicles weathering) but I’m planning in the future to upgrade it to a better painting level. One of the things I’m really proud with this army however are the conversions.

Anyway, to give you a preview of what I’d like my new Afrikadia Korps to look like, I decided to build a Cerastus Knight Lancer. The story behind this model is that it belongs to a former Knight pilot who kept its baby titan in a barn in the ranch where he retired after long years of service to the imperium. As a result, the titan is heavily weathered and didn’t have any of the common Knight heraldry as the knight is officially retired. Let just say he kept it by emotional attachment like an old soldier would keep its uniform but without the ranks. And one never knows, he may need it one day.

P1140703 P1140705 P1140701 P1140702 P1140707 P1140708 P1140709 P1140706 P1140704 P1140700



2 thoughts on “Gallery: Cerastus Knight Lancer

  1. Very nice. I like the weathering – particularly the rust running from the chinks in the paint. A great job on “realistic” weathering and aging on the kind of model that usually gets the full bright heraldic showroom paintjob.

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