Painting Lesson: Blood and Splash

Last Saturday, I’ve attended one of the painting lesson that my friend Remi (from Salaise Figurine Studio) is teaching. The lesson was about painting realistic Blood & Splash effects. It was very interesting, it lasted one hour and I didn’t see the time passing by. For the lesson, I brought with me one of my Wolfen counting as a Yeti from my Wolfen-Ogres army. I chose it because its blade was large and I thought it would be easier for my first trial. The lesson was taught in the store Ukronium in Lyon, in a very nice atmosphere (even if the waitress kind of forgot to ask us what we would like to drink and we were thirsty as hell). I’ve learned a lot, and thanks to the great idea of Remi of providing all the required paints in the price of his lessons, I was able to keep exercising at home. You can find out more details about Remi’s painting lessons on his blog here.

2015-07-18 17.02.39
The Wolfen-yeti on which I exercised during the lesson.

2015-07-19 22.12.11
Included in the price of the lesson was two Tamya paints used for the blood effect. Little bonus, I get one Salaise Figurine Studio mug, perfect as a water pot on my hobby desk.

2015-07-19 22.12.04
I kept exercising myself at home on my Witch Elves.
After a couple of hours, here is the end result.

P1140749 P1140751 P1140750

Age of Sigmar style 😉
Note: some of these witch elves were initially painted by Hutiff painting studio but whitout any blood effect and I thought something was missing. Now, the blood on the blades nicely contrasts with the green of their outfit, their red-hair and the sandy bases. There were already cool, now they are gorgeous!



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