Painting plastic Palm trees

After finishing my north afrika table, I was not really happy with how shiny my palm trees looked. Because of the plastic used to make these trees, they look very glossy and it didn’t really feel right. After looking at some Scenery Planet tables, especially the Lost in Paradisio table, I found out that, in fact, they were using the same kind of plastic palm trees that I ordered, the only difference being that they airbrushed them with acrylic matte paints to make them look more natural and less shiny. Here is my own attempt on this technique.

The original plastic palm trees (left), after a a coat of vallejo white primer (middle), after black pre-shading (right).

2015-07-19 08.30.38

2015-06-07 15.23.26
I used this dark green to cover the pre-shading.







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