Jungle Table

I’m officially done with my jungle table V2. I’m quite happy with the end result even if I could still improve some details. Anyway, have a look and tell me what you think of it.

2015-05-14 09.38.38
The whole table.
2015-05-14 09.38.45
Some wooden bridges crossing the jungle
2015-05-14 09.38.55
It looks adventurous.
2015-05-14 09.39.25
The old temple taken back by the jungle.
2015-05-14 09.39.42
Run up to the tower!
2015-05-14 09.39.49
The old tower, perfect for a sniper
2015-05-14 09.40.00
2015-05-14 09.40.12
A dead tree.
2015-05-14 09.40.15
A ruin.
2015-05-14 09.40.26
Jungle is growing everywhere.
2015-05-14 09.40.32
Larger jungle bases with palm trees.
2015-05-14 09.40.42
An other type of palm trees.
2015-04-30 21.46.21
The whole set up with less small jungle bases for a regular 40k game.
2015-04-30 21.46.03
Ok, I’m stopping now, this is the last one.



4 thoughts on “Jungle Table

  1. Hey nice looking table,
    Feedback (cos you asked!) is that I’d add more flock to the bases of the terrain pieces to make it greener, and use different types of colour & grade to break it up more naturally. I’d also give the base board the same flocking treatment.
    Only other point is when you next do jungle to pickup different types of plastic plant than used in this set, then you can swap out some in this set an make the foliage more varied.
    Hope this helps

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    1. Thanks Nick, I fully agree! In fact, I’ve recently done some new red and yellow plants to have a more colorful jungle and I’m planning to write an article about it.


  2. Ooh red & yellow I haven’t seen ones like that, could you include where you got them from in your article please. I’ve had ones with purple & white flowers before that I picked at the local garden centre 🙂


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