Welcome to the jungle table!

Ok, this is a serious topic. I wanted a jungle table for years. I’ve already tried to make a jungle table previously (something like 6 years ago) and I was not really happy with the end result. So this time I’ve decided to give it another try. Since then I’ve learned lot of modeling techniques, I read a lot about scenery making, I studied the masterpieces of Scenery Planet (these guys rock). It was time to overcome my nemesis!

2015-04-05 21.06.17
First step was to buy lots and lots of aquatic plastic plants, different shapes, different sizes. And a hot glue pistol too. It’s the only way to properly glue theses plastic plants (you can see its orange nozzle on the right of the picture).
2015-04-01 21.15.19
I had prepared two types of bases: some round bases (30-40mm diameter) and some larger bases with irregular shapes.
Cut the leaves and glue them to the base.
Cut the leaves and glue them to the base.
2015-04-05 21.06.09
The key for a nice jungle scenery is to have a thick, varied yet coherent vegetation. I thus combine the same plants in various amounts on each bases.
2015-04-05 21.06.03
Jungle is dense. You’ll need a lot of these jungle bases to make it look natural while remaining modular and thus easy to play.


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