Wolfen army Count-as Ogres

I like to play fantasy wargames. In fact, it’s quite funny how my interest in the different period follow a constant pattern. I like to play army with wolves. Not literally wolves, but you know, with some kind of wolfish aesthetics. No surprise for a space wolf player you may say 😉 Anyway, back in the Rackam’s days, I had a little Wulfen army that I quite enjoyed painting. Unfortunately, the painting was done just when Rackam made the poor choice to go fully pre-painted, which leads to the end of this company. So, like many Confrontation players, I ended up with an army in a game that was no longer supported and, more problematic, with a fast shrinking pool of potential opponents. In the end, I put the models in my glass cabinet, and almost never touched them for 3 long years.

I was quite sad, not being able to play all those wolfens, when a good friend of mine gave me a clever idea: “Why don’t you play them as a Count-As warhammer Ogre Army?” Well played my friend, this is indeed a geat idea! Why didn’t I think about it before?

As such, my old confrontation model were not directly useable for a Warhammer battle games. I had to order some 40mm square base to replace the old confrontation bases. In addition, because of the change of scale from a skirmish game to a battle game, I had to find some reinforcement for my Wolfen-Ogre army. luckily, because of Rackam’s bankrupcy, it was not hard to buy several old stock of prepainted plastic wolfen.

Converting some wolfen
Converting some wolfen

WolfenOgres2013-01-26 10.15.24Kibo


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