Warhound Titan Part 6: painting

Next step: painting this big boy. As you are well aware now, this Warhound titan is hum…well…on the chaotic side. In fact, this will be a reinforcement for my Blood Pact Army. Lack of surprise maybe but I chose to paint it in red with the metal part in bolter metal gun. Very simple, but efficient. And some weathering too because it’s an old warrior after all.

2014-08-01 19.08.42
First step, a coat of the Red Primer from AK-interactive using my airbrush.
2014-08-02 09.50.53
I airbrushed every part unassembled but I did reassemble it after the first layer of red primer just to see how it looks.
2014-08-06 22.41.48
Shading was made of a mix of red and black applied using an airbrush. Then all the metal edges were painted in metal bolter gun using a brush.
2014-08-06 22.42.04
Then I used a black wash to delimitate in-between the metal and red part.
2014-08-11 19.18.39
Basic colors: check. Next step weathering.
2014-09-27 17.41.55
After a coat of glossy varnish. Notice its little brother the Decimator Chaos engine. Yes the size difference is huge!








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