Warhound Titan Part 5: head assembly

I kept the best for the end: the head! I thought a lot about this step and for long I couldn’t find a proper way to attach the head while still being removable.

2014-04-21 22.28.24
I really love this head. In fact, I think it’s my favorite of all the titan heads out there.
2014-07-26 11.40.21
Everything started with a small tool from an ikea kit. I thought it would make two nice hooks if cut in the middle. So I did.
2014-07-26 11.41.36
I drilled an hole vertically in the bottom part of the head, in what could be his neck.
2014-07-26 11.48.50
I drilled an other hole in the lower end of what could be the air lock from the pilot cockpit (in the head) to the main engine room (in the torso).
2014-07-26 11.49.09
I put the hook in the head hole with gluing it to align it and glue the other end of the hook in the torso hole. Not very clear I know, you’ll understand with the following pictures.
2014-07-26 12.05.46
The hook is in place. Notice the angle which was carefully calculated to make the head tilt nicely.
2014-07-26 12.05.52
The head is not glued to the hook and can be removed for transport.
2014-07-26 12.06.07
The head fastened to the torso.
2014-07-26 12.06.13
Start looking good!








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