Warhound Titan Part 4: torso assembly

Let’s continue the Warhound adventure with the torso. The assembly is quite straightforward for this part as there are only a few parts. The trick here is to use big clamp to maintain the big part together will the glue is hardening.

2014-04-22 22.47.20
Exemple of the gluing of two torso parts using a clamp.
2014-05-29 10.07.58
When the shoulders were assembled, I tried to fasten the arms previously prepared using a screw.
2014-05-29 10.08.29
Close up of how the arms are assembled to the shoulders.
2014-05-29 10.08.48
Screw in the hidden bolt until its tight but not too much because you still want the arm to be able to point at your targets on the battlefield.
2014-05-29 10.24.10
I magnetized the shoulder caps. When in place, this will hide the head of the screw.
2014-05-29 10.24.23
2014-05-29 10.24.33
Another close up of the final assembly
2014-07-26 12.23.32
Next part is how to fasten the torso to the hip. I started by drilling a hole in the center of the upper part of the hip.
2014-07-26 12.28.25
As previously for the arms, I draw then dig the shape of a bolt around the hole.
2014-07-26 12.23.11
I also drilled a hole in the cockpit and placed an eyelet to reinforce the hole.
2014-07-26 12.23.17
The eyelet in place.
2014-07-26 12.24.13
Then you just have to screw the torso to the hidden bolt in the hip.
2014-07-26 12.24.10
Again, do not tighten to much as you still want the torso to rotate a little.









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