Warhound Titan Part 3: arms assembly

After thinking a lot about this step, I finally decided how I wanted the arms to be attached to the Titan. First I wanted something that I could easily assemble and disassemble in order to make it easy to transport. I thus decided to go with the bolt and screw method. Here is the result.

TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 17.55.02
Everything you need: bolt, screw, the arm
TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 17.55.30
Drill an hole in the axis of the arm
TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 18.04.11
Cut the arm in the middle between the two half spheres
TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 18.07.07
Draw the shape of the bolt in one of the part
TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 18.09.24
Don’t forget to put a mask to prevent breathing the resin powder
TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 18.09.51
Use a dremel to dig the resin according to the shape of the bolt


TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 19.01.14
Glue the two pieces of the arm together with the bolt inside 
TitanWarhoudBloodPact2014-04-30 17.55.09
First part done!
2014-05-29 10.01.51
Now we have to fasten the weapon to the arm itself.
2014-05-29 10.02.03
I drilled a hole across the lower part of the arm and the same in the weapon.
2014-05-29 10.02.14
I then inserted a small stick inside. This enable the weapons to slightly tilt back and forth.



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