Scions Renegades: assembly

I finally received everything I needed to make two 5-members squads of Tempestus Scions Renegades for my Blood Pact Army. I really enjoyed assembling them and I think they already look really cool!

2014-07-06 16.44.45
Everything I needed to build two squads of Renegades Tempestus Scions.
2014-07-06 16.44.54
10 demons heads from Puppet War (left) and 10 Chem Backpacks from Victoria Miniatures (right).
2014-07-06 16.45.08
Sniper and automatic rifles from Anvil Industry.
2014-07-06 22.53.49
The flamethrower squads.
2014-07-06 22.54.10
The plasma gun squads.

2014-07-06 22.56.13

2014-07-06 22.54.21

2014-07-06 22.55.11

2014-07-06 22.55.05

2014-07-06 22.54.41

2014-07-06 22.54.32

2014-07-06 22.55.22

2014-07-06 22.55.51

2014-07-06 22.55.59



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