Warhound Titan Part 2: legs assembly

Next step for the titan are the legs. I didn’t do anything really innovative here. My advice still is to reinforce the joints, especially the knees and the hip. I tried to glue them only with the 2-component epoxy resin I used for the feet but it didn’t bear its own weight when standing straight. So I came back to the workbench and drilled some holes to reinforce the joint with nails.

2014-05-29 10.41.40
Reinforcing the knees with nails.
2014-07-26 11.30.03
Reinforcing the hips from below.
2014-07-26 11.29.40
The holes will be hidden with an armor plate.
2014-07-26 11.28.25
First test of the legs and the feet standing.
2014-07-26 11.28.43
The rounded head of the nails I used to reinforce the knees will give a nice touch when painted.










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