Eldar Reborn

A few months ago, my brother gave me his old warhammer 40k Eldar Army. It was very nice but as it was one of our first army the level of painting was very low (a lot worse than my low level step 1 of my 2-steps painting technique previously described).
Since I wanted to change my play style (enough IG for now), I wondered why not to give a second youth to this army and paint it all over again. And by painting, I mean using my #2 secret painting technique: using a painting service. I know some of you don’t like having your army painted by someone else but while I partially agree I also think it is still better than to play with an unpainted army, which is to my mind quite disrespectful and rude. It also enable me to focus on the piece I really want to convert or paint. Anyway, here are some pictures of the original army.

The old color scheme, in-between Saim Hann and Ultwee
The original color scheme was black and red and if I remember correctly my brother wanted it to be a kind of mix between saim han and ultwe. For this renaissance, I wanted a fresh new color scheme a lot less dark than the previous one. I did try many combinations using the excellent color scheme generator avalaible here: Color Scheme Generator (Edit: it seems that the site has been shut down since then). Here are some tests of various color schemes.

Some tests of eldar color scheme
I was quite indecisive for some time. Then I saw the movie Oblivion and I was very impressed by its aestetics. I really like the white/glowing blue contrasting very well with a brown dusty ground.

Oblivion and its white/glowing blue atmosphere
Finally, after searching online, I found an exemple of some very well painted wraithguards and wraithknight, with a similar color scheme.

Wraithguard and Wraithknight by ThirdEyeNuke


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