Tempestus Scions renegades

Now that most of my Blood Pact army troopers are ready, it was time to add some elites. I’ve always been a huge fan of IG stormtroopers and thus, it was kind of obvious that my next addition would be two 5-member Blood Pact Scions units. From a loyalist IG point of view, my favorite stormtrooper minis are the Kasrkin ones. I have a lot of those in my loyalist IG army (the Afrikadia Korps). When the new Militarum Scions were realeased I didn’t really liked their design at first. I was finding them to much “gothic”, with the brass and the spikes, and everything. But I soon realized that they would be a perfect starting point for some converted Blood Pact stormtroopers.

BloodPactScionsTempestus2014-05-02 11.17.04
Games Workshop Tempestus scions

From this starting point, I now had to find the perfect bits to make them a little more on the chaotic side. One of my first finding was these great heads from Puppet Wars.

BloodPactScionsTempestus2014-05-02 11.16.26
Puppet war miniature demon head

After the heads, I had to find some backpacks that would be similar to the caracteristic Blood Pact backpacks. I found some nice chem tank backpacks on Victoria Miniatures.

Victoria miniatures back packs

Last but not least, I had to find some great weapons for the stormtrooper. I finally settled for some nice rifles from Anvil Industry and I was ready to go!



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