Warhound Titan Part 1: feet assembly

Today I’ve decided to tackle one of my dream when I was a kid: building a Warhound Titan. It was a very nice experience and I have to say, it can be quite a challenge as the assembly guide from Forge World is not very… helpfull. And for such a big mini (is a Titan still a mini?) with many parts, a detailed assembly guide is absolutely required. Hopefully, I found online a very good post from Wild Boar Blog explaining step by step how to assemble your Warhound. I followed this guide with some exceptions. Here is my technique, starting with the feet.

2014-04-21 21.04.36
First step is to cut and prepare every piece.
2014-04-22 22.47.37
Then I glued the main part using a two-component epoxy glue.
2014-04-22 22.47.09
Be careful when gluing the toes, they aren’t the same, the middle one is slightly longer.
2014-08-13 17.03.14
When the feet were done, I used them to evaluate the footprint of the Titan and thus cut the base to the right size.








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