My perfect Wargames Man Cave

The sketch of my wargames Man Cave
The sketch of my wargames Man Cave

Wargaming is a demanding hobby, especially in term of home space occupation. I have recently moved in a new home and after extensive negociation with my awesome wife, I’ve got the chance to use one of our spare room and do whatever I wanted with it. Man Cave here I am!

As a result I started wondering what would be the perfect Man Cave for a wargamer like me. I’ve found on the internet two very nice examples of war rooms.

Greenstuffandbrass’ room



Wargamingworkshop’s room


With these examples in mind, I came up with a rough sketch of what I wanted in my own. In my opinion, the perfect Wargame Man Cave needs three keys features:
– a table, at least 120×120 cm (4’x4′) and if possible extensible up to 120x180cm (4’x6′) as these are the standard battlefield dimensions of the wargames I play
– a lot of storage area for all the army, terrains, tools, etc
– a working area for all your WIP projects.

So next step was to find some nice furnitures at a reasonnable price. Looking a my requirement list, I finally realized that was the same requirment than for … a kitchen! It’s true since kitchen are the only where you’ll commonly find a table, storage and area. So what I needed was simply kitchen furniture. As I wanted to stay on budget, I chose the Method Ikea furnitures. These are cheap, you have a lot of choice in terms of dimensions, color and finitions.



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